"One of the oldest tigers in the world has passed away" Ranthambore National Park, India, confirmed on facebook.

At nearly 20 years old, Machli was the revered queen of the park and the favourite of visiters. Also known as 'the Lady of the Lake' due to the fact that she was often seen near the water, her real name Machli means 'fish'. This came from the fact that she had a distinctive mark on one of her cheeks.

Wild tigers have a life expectancy of about 15 years. The health of Machli declined rapidly during her last weeks. She had lost the majority of her teeth along with the use of one eye. Only a few days ago, a video was posted of Machli lying on the ground, having difficulty getting and staying up.

A majestic animal


Ranthambore described her as 'the best known tiger in India'. In her golden days, Machli had been known for her strength and grace. She had even been filmed fighting with a crocodile that was over 4 metres long. She had her own facebook page. On her passing away, the park mounted a commemorative plaque in her honour, for her long life and contribution to the preservation of India's economy.

Her most important heritage continues to live on. Her death represents a huge loss to the animal kingdom. There are no more than 4,000 wild tigers, while in the USA there are more than 5,000 if them living in zoos or as pets. Machli had engendered 11 kittens and about 60% of the tigers of the park are from her family tree.

"Her offspring reign in the valleys and forests of the park," Vasundhara Raje, prime minister of the state of Rajasthan declared on Twitter.

She had also been known for her ferocity and protectiveness as a mother.

Machli became popular due to her physical strength. She always managed to save her young and others. It is interesting to know that the male tigers of the park were terrified of her and scarpered if they saw her or any of her young ones.

Unfortunately, the light of the queen of Ranthambore has gone out, triggering a wave of mourning for all the animal lovers of the world.


Ranthambore shared photos of the body of the tigress covered in flowers before her burial, with a tablet on which is written "You continue to live in our hearts... forever!"

Source : thedodo

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