Our pets are all considered as family members and they often receive all the attention! From essential oils to organic food, the numbers of specialized products for our companions are increasing and budgets dedicated to our pets are exploding!

There is a new market that is booming; the pet industry. We would do or buy anything for our beloved animals ranging from clothes, jewellery, nail varnishes, sheets, calendars filled with nibbles and a great deal more of many bizarre things.

Besides all the products there are experiences and appointments too. These range from behaviour coaches for the animals so they don’t get stressed to people specializing in preventing animals from being overweight. Are our animals being humanized?

Expenses incurred by the owners of dogs or cats are sometimes seem incomprehensible. Fanny Lamarque, the manager of a luxury pet shop in Cannes says: “People are free to do what they want with their money. Rather than insulting those who spend money on their pet, we should rebel against those who abuse them.” 

What do you think?

Source and Photo Credit: Varmatin

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