After all the successful cat and dog cafes opening all around the world, it is time for some of the other animals to shine. The first rat café has been opened in London!


Located in the London Dungeon, with its spooky corridors and exhibits, the Rat Café is the newest tourist attraction. It is here where you can enjoy a “Ratuccino” while handling a few rats.

While this is a fun way to have some coffee or a slice of “black forest rateaux’, the owners are trying to change the perception of rats. People generally are put off by them as they are ‘dirty’, and this Rat Café is trying to prove them wrong.

capture du bar à rats

Once Off

There are 18 rats who call this café home. They are apparently a huge hit with guests who play with them or watch them from a distance. Although the pop-up café was just a one-off, the owners are considering making it a permanent place, as it was such a success!

des clients curieux avec un rat

Source: Daily Mail

Photo: Rat Café

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    josette B Thank you for the poor rats. I hope un big succes to that cafe.