It's what every future pet parent dreams of - to have their fur baby overwhelmed with excitement for their return home from work. And for most dog owners, this is true!

If you're a cat parent, you already know that this is never going to happen for you. But for 99% of dog parents, you're well accustomed to this kind of excitement on your return home for the day.

Whether your dog hasn’t seen you for a month, a week, a day, or simply a couple of hours, their anticipation to see you is real. And it's no different for this gorgeous doggo who has teamed up with his toddler brother in his excitement for dad to come home. Their reaction is priceless!

The screams and moves of delight

Natalie G's YouTube video became a viral sensation shortly after being uploaded online. It shows a toddler and his doggo brother sharing their enormous excitement at the arrival of their daddy when they see his car pull up to the house.

You can’t help but smile at their excited anticipation for their daddy. The toddler cries out "Daddy!" and continues shouting for the rest of the video, while his doggo brother adds his own little tune. Both partake in their own form of excited dance, somehow becoming rather in sync as they rapidly stamp their little feet at a very fast pace. Oh, and doggo throws in a couple of cute spins for good measure!

What an amazing sight to come home to. We sure bet daddy loved his homecoming audience!

Video credit: Natalie G. via YouTube

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