Today we are meeting Maru, a beautiful Chihuahua from Tokyo. She has the cutest photos ever, and loves to make friends all around the world!

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

I met her in September 2008. I saw her photos on the Internet, while I was searching for a good breeder of Chihuahua in Tokyo. I fell in love with her at first sight. Then my husband and I checked her breeder's policy, history, conditions on the Internet, and then I called the breeder and asked to see the dog. The breeder lived in a nearby neighborhood, so
we visited the breeder's house. Then we decided to adopt her.

Where does her name come from?

First of all, my husband and I decided to give her a simple and positive name. Then we chose "MARU". Maru has several meanings in Japanese. Maru means "circle", "right", and ''perfect". In short, we chose the name, because it's very simple and positive.

What's her silliest trait? 

When my husband snores loudly, she answers the sound of snore. It's like a chorus. It's so funny!

What is your best memory together?

I can't choose my best memory with her. Whenever I spend time with Maru, I feel very happy. Actually, now I'm sitting in front of my PC, she is sleeping on my knee. I'm so healed with her warm temperature. Such kind of ordinary time with her is very precious for me.

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