Dogs provide a vey popular form of therapy for people with a variety of needs. They can change lives.

Meet Eric, the therapy dog.

Eric is not just any dog, he helps transform the lives of those in need of his company.

One of those people is Karen, after her stroke she was left with little speech. She was unable to have a conversation. Karen’s mum told the BBC that Eric was able to make Karen smile even when she couldn’t.

What’s so special about Eric is a short film commissioned as part of a series for the BBC’s Listen to Britain. It gives an insight into the impact a therapy dog can have on those in need. As friendly, approachable and loving animals, therapy dogs can make all the difference to someone’s life.

Charities such as Pets As Therapy (PAT) in the UK welcome any breed to train as a therapy dog, provided they meet minimum criteria such as being over nine months old, beeing with their owner for over six months and passing a temperament test.

Famous therapy dogs

Another such dog is famous Instagram star @Norbertthedog. He is a volunteer at Children’s Hospital LA, where he puts smiles on everyone’s faces!

He might be famous, but he looks just as fabulous when he's out volunteering as he does posing for instagram!

Do you know anyone with a therapy dog?

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