Two men, who were stealing dogs to sell them as butcher meat, were caught by the residents of a small village in China. Instead of calling the police, they took justice into their own hands.

A Beating

The two men were beaten by the villagers with bricks and wooden bats for around nine hours. They then turned on the car, destroying it as well. These thieves are well known to the police and villagers, as this is not the first time that they have stolen and resold dogs to butcher shops and stores.

The villagers tied them up after the beating and then tied the dead dogs to them as well, with their rear ends facing the thieves’ faces. When police arrived on the scene, the villagers turned on them too. They demanded compensation for their dead animals before releasing the thieves to the police.

Attack On Police

They smashed the windscreen of a patrol car and even laid under the police cars to prevent them from driving off with the thieves. While the police were trying to calm the angry villagers down, they were met with a verbal backlash.

“The thieves gave the dogs an injection to sedate them, which completely paralyses the animal. They then hit them over the head to kill them before throwing them in the back of their car.”

The two thieves are now in police custody and the case is under investigation.

Source: Sudinfo


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