Sam Simon is a talented producer, scenarist and writer known for co-developing the Simpsons with Matt Groening.

He has recently been diagnosed with cancer but his disease did not stop his generosity. Even though he's terminally ill, Sam Simon is giving all his time, energy and money to save the animals.

This week, he purchased a farm where chinchillas were being raised for their fur. The previous owner, Lurlie Adams, 90 years old, sold him the estate for $50,000, animals included.

When Simon stepped into the farm, he declared :

"This is your last day of abuse, this is your first day of freedom."

Sam Simon received help from PETA and the Humane society of San Diego. They are now in charge of finding the poor animals a permanent home.

Sam Simon has also recently contributed to save an abused elephant in India and to relocate endangered bears in Georgia. He also offered Sea Shepherd a boat. He's really involved in animal rights, but he likes to help humans being as well : his foundation provides meals for the homeless (vegan meals, of course!).

Sam Simon has already declared that all the money he earned thanks to the Simpsons will go to charity, in particular to PETA and Save the Children.

Photo credit  : Reuters

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