Amazing photographer Sophie Gamand is once again offering us amazing shots of dogs.

You may remember the awesome Wet dogs photos? For this new project, Gamand worked with pit bulls.

Pit Bulls have a terrible reputation of being aggressive dogs, and Sophie Gamand noticed that in photography they were most of the time portrayed in urban backgrounds, with colours and contrasts conveying the idea they were bad and tough.

Gamand wanted to work in a total different way with them. She approached Pit Bulls with "fresh perspective and an open heart". She photographed rescued Pit Bulls available for adoption with gorgeous flower headpieces and portrayed them as peaceful and sweet animals, because that is what they are.

The photographs are breathtaking and the message behind them is important : please be open-minded about Pit Bulls.

Here's just a sample of the photo series, but you can discover the on her website and if you want to contribute, you can send a picture of your pit bull with a flower headpiece to Sophie Gamand on her Facebook page.


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