When Brett Winingar and his son decided to take a bike ride, they were far from imagining the shocking discovery that they would do a few minutes later in a vacant lot on the roadside.

For starters a neglected carrying case shouldn’t attract that much attention, should it?

As they got close they noticed signs that the case had been chewed on from the inside.


When they arrived at the case they discovered an abandoned dog who was starving and seemed to be paralysed.

They were unsure of the length of time that the dog had been there and even thought he seemed to be week, he was exceptionally excited to see them. They did notice that his claws were very long and that he had numerous wounds.


They managed to find some food to give the poor dog, and he was at it straight away after spending so much time in this small prison.

The two rescuers brought the dog home, naming him Charlie Bravo, or CB for short.


Thankfully CB received the attention he deserved shortly after returning to the home of his rescuers, they cut his nails, gave him a bath and took him to the vet.

Quickly, this incredible story became big news and donations flooded in for CB to help them cover the medical expenses.

The Winingars plan to give a portion of their donations to animals shelters and create a foundation aptly named, “Charlie’s Angels.”


This is not Brett's first time rescuing animals having already collected four pets who live under his roof. He originally planned not to keep CB, but after spending just a small portion of time with him, he couldn’t stand to be apart from him.


To follow the chronicles of the new life of Charlie Bravo, visit his Facebook page!

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