Today, Yummypets would like to introduce you to Taffy. Although Taffy is new here to Yummypets, she has already made Best in Show, she gets along with everyone, and she already has more than 1,200 yummies! That's impressive! In this interview, Taffy shares a few fun facts about herself.

To begin with, Taffy is an active and loving Yummypets member. She gets along with Yummypets members from all over the world. She is always putting smiles on people's faces! Her genuine kindness has brought over 200 followers and she's continuing to make new friends every day. We are absolutely honored to have Taffy on Yummypets.

When, where, and how did you meet your pet?

I adopted my puppy, Taffy. Someone gave her to me! I met her a few weeks ago! Taffy greeted me with love!❤️

Where does her name come from?

Her name comes from a chocolate name! Taffy really has chocolate colors on her fur!

Why did you choose Tally Official as your username?

I chose "Taffy Official" as my username because, first of all, my puppy's name is Taffy. Secondly for "Official", this was simply my first idea!

You're obviously photogenic because you look amazing in every photo, but do you have any tips for the Yummypals so that they can look great in their photos?

To look great in photos, you just need to photograph your animals when they feel free. For the photos to be more artistic, you just need to choose "Portrait" on the camera options. The most beautiful photos are outdoors, the ones in nature!

What is your favorite thing about Yummypets?

I like everything from Yummypets. Above all, I like that the community here is beautiful and full of soul, everyone loves animals and Taffy! It's great!!

Whatʼs your best memory together?

I still don't have the best memories because I have only had Taffy for 2 weeks, but the most beautiful moments are when she jumps on me hard and almost falls (like a hug) and even if she is small, she knows how to guard me. And people, both adults, and children, are afraid of her!

Have you got any funny stories to tell us?

One day, when I was in town, I bought Taffy a bottle of water just for her. I gave it to her, she drank and I drank from the same bottle. It's weird, but in the end, this kind of thing would happen to me!

Tell us something we don't know about you!

Well, Taffy barks like a mouse. She thinks it's cool and barks loudly!❤️

You can find Taffy's Yummypets profile here.


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    Manon P Taffy is such a lovely dog! I love this Yummypal! 😻

    Franca N Bravo Taffy. On est super contente pour toi 😘😘😘😘