To better regulate the safety and environment of dogs and cats, the Quebec government announced last week the establishment of a new regulation:

In fact, from November 7, 2013, individuals, companies, associations or organizations with at least 15 animals (dogs or cats ) must be licensed.

This permit will cost $100 to $225 and the persons or organizations have four months to get it. This paper will provide an opportunity for the State to better control the nature of the places where many animals live, and to establish a register of breeders. Fines ranging from $600 to $36 000 will also be established.

 Faut-il davantage règlementer les élevages des animaux ?

According the MAPAQ (Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec) François Gendron, the permit will identify and inspect these places and ensure better control of outrageous livestock as puppy mills. In order to obtain this permit, farmers must meet the criteria written in a guide.

"The value of dog or cat support has become more and more important socially. It is not for me to pass judgment on that, but it is for me to take care of and manage" Mr. Gendron said.

Johanne Marcotte, founder of the pet adoption centers in Quebec fears unscrupulous breeders who have for example 13 females and one male who will be able to produce 100 puppies a year ...

What do you think of this regulation?

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