Blake, the beautiful cat pictured below, had a difficult start in life but thanks to his new family he has a second chance at a happy life!

Despite the cat’s constantly worried expression, he really is happy!


Blake was adopted by Jon and his family almost two years ago and they have been happy with their cat ever since! Blake spent his first three years in an abusive home, but has now come to trust the humans he lives with.


Love Does Wonders

“We have done nothing but spoil him thus far. He was obviously pretty timid and shy for the first couple of days but now just lounges around with us and loves watching tv. He is very well mannered and loves being brushed,” said Jon.


Family Clown

Jon continues, saying that Blake loves any contact he has with his new family and he has adjusted really well!  Blake enjoys lying in the bathroom with his legs in the hallway; the family laugh every time they see this!


What a special cat, Blake you deserve all the happiness in the world!

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Source: Love Meow

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