22-year-old British woman Amelia rescued an abused dog in Vietnam. On the journey home to England, Marlin disappeared. After more than a week, the missing dog has finally been reunited with her new mum.

Marlin - from rescued to missing dog

After a trip to Vietnam working in an animal shelter, Amelia couldn't help but adopt Marlin - a beaten dog in bad shape, to be killed by her owner for meat. The young woman slowly developed a bond with Marlin and decided to save her from a terrible fate. She would take her new best friend home to live with her in England.

On the 26th of March, prepped and ready for her new life with Amelia, Marlin arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport, France. Before her transfer to her next flight to England, Marlin suddenly got scared and managed to dart off in the middle of the airport.

A devastated Amelia switched to rescue mode and began what turned out to be an exhausting 10-day ordeal.

The search for Marlin

Following a sleepless night of searching, Amelia recruited the help of a local policeman who posted an ad online asking for volunteers to help Amelia in her plight. The response was overwhelming and for more than a week they roamed day and night looking for Marlin.

Volunteer Xavier said they were still searching at 4am one morning after a fruitless day.

Meanwhile, Marlin had been spotted several times by airport employees. However, given her history of abuse, a terrified Marlin was able to evade everyone.

A happy ending for missing dog Marlin

An exhausted and downbeat Amelia and her volunteer team were finally rewarded when Marlin was spotted in the woods not far from the airport - 10 days later.

Upon arriving at the scene, Amelia had no troubles coaxing Marlin to her and the two were reunited once again. You can imagine the relief and joy they both felt!

Thanks to an incredible effort by Amelia, the policeman and all the volunteers, Amelia and Marlin are due to arrive home in England today, Friday 6 April. We're sure there'll be a warm welcome waiting for them both there - and a wonderful life ahead for Marlin and Amelia!

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