As dog owners, we all want to make our furry friends happy. But sometimes, we think we are doing the right thing when in fact we're not.

Discover the 10 things we do wrong with dogs:

1. Looking into your dog's eyes: Looking an animal into the eyes means that you dominate them. When you look a dog into the eyes, they can either submit themselves to you and turn their head or become violent because they don't accept your domination.

2. Letting your dog be bored: A bored dog is an unhappy dog. They will look for something to do and you will most likely not approve of it : chewing a piece of furniture or eating one of your shoes. If you are working all day, make sure that they have occupational toys and when you come home, make sure to spend plenty of time with them.

3. Talking to your dog instead of using body language: Human beings are odd in that we talk to each other. But pets don't understand what we say, and even though they are educated to understand a couple of words, they don't understand sentences. Use gestures and body language to help your dog understand what you want them to do.

4. Going against rules:A rule is a rule! Never go against a rule. Your dog won't understand why he's allowed to jump on you when you are wearing sweat pants but not when you are wearing a suit. Be constant.

5. Hugging your dog: Hugging is a human thing and a lot of people naturally hug their dog. However, for a dog, it is like looking them in the eyes. It's a sign of domination and they might not like it.

6. Tapping your dog's head: "Good boy...." But dogs don't like these head-taps. They might not show you that they don't like it, but it is preferable to try petting them gently on their face and back.

7. Offering them walks without freedom: The best walks are ones without a leash. Let your dog smell and explore and try to vary the journeys. If you are leaving in the city, find places where your dog can run and exert themselves!

8. A too-tightleash: Don't pull on the leash too much. If your dog is pulling on the leash, train them to walk without pulling. Otherwise, they will get frustrated.

9. Having your dog socialize with other dogs (or people) they don't like : It's really important to socialize your dog to avoid anyunwanted behaviour. However, if they become agressive, it means that they don't like someone and you must not force your dog to be with this person/animal.

10. Transmitting your own stress to your dog: Your pet knows you, and knows when you are feeling stressed or nervous. Even if you are stressed, try to relax when you are around your pet otherwise they will become nervous as well.

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