If you're a cat owner, you've probably seen your cat try to perch on the highest spots in your home. Today, Yummypets will explain the reasons why your cat perches.

Stimulating environment

Cats need a stimulating environment. In order for this environment to be suitable for your feline's needs, there are some important things that your cat should have. For example, your cat needs to have an eating area, a resting area, and places where they can play and be mentally and physically stimulated. Perching areas are part of your cat's needs.

Perching is important for cats. So much so that if you don't provide them with a cat tree or dedicated shelves, they'll find their own place to perch. This could be a dresser, a cupboard, or even the tops of doors. They aren't afraid him to push your belongings on the floor to reach the ideal perching spot.

Ginger cat next to window

5 reasons why cats perch

1. To stay out of reach of predators

Cats are always on the lookout for the slightest danger. That's why they are always perching on high spots to keep an eye on what is going on and stay out of reach of dangers. When cats perch, they have an unobstructed view of everything.

2. Keep an eye out for potential prey

When there are spiders, flies, and other things around the house, cats won't miss a beat going for them when they see their prey from their perching spots.

3. Climbing is a great way for them to exercise

Just like you, cats need to exercise. They need to stretch, move, and jump. All of this is necessary for their well-being. Having access to places where they can perch allows them to meets their exercise related needs such as stretching, jumping, and scratching.

4. Hiding away from nuisances

If you have several cats, other animals, or children, your cat might perch to get some peace and quiet. They need to have places where they can hide to relax and be alone.

5. Instinct

Cats also perch because it's an instinct. Their ancestors used to perch in high areas for safety. So while your cat is domesticated and lives in a completely different environment from their ancestors, their instinct remains.

If you don't already have one, it's a great idea to buy a cat tree for your cat, or equip your home with shelves high enough for your cat to perch themselves on.

Source: iHeartCats

Originally written by Charlène Plaut and translated by Jennifer Eubank.


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    Chewy Y That's adorable! Does your cat do that when you are sitting down as well? 😸