It may be surprising to learn that even today, some people still think black cats bring bad luck. This couldn't be further from the truth, so we're here to give you plenty of wonderful reasons why you should forget silly superstitions and adopt a black cat!

Thanks (not!) to folklore and superstitions dating back hundreds and even thousands of years, black cats have, in many countries, been unfairly thought of as bad omens. You may still hear people joke about it today as one crosses your path, especially at night.

While some cultures have thought the opposite and worshipped the black cat, the majority of people today are more familiar with the negative superstition.

The good news is that these are truly old and silly superstitions and hold no truth whatsoever. No cat wants to inflict harm on anyone - grey, white, tortoiseshell, ginger, brown, lilac, OR black, etc. All any cat wants is a loving home, food and warmth.

So with that in mind, we're here to stand up for our furry, black feline friends and share 10 (this list is by no means exhaustive) very good reasons to adopt a black cat!

#1 Combat unfounded superstitions (cos it's a good place to start!)

As we've already mentioned, there are many old superstitions around black cats. But these are just that - old superstitions. Just like vampires and witchcraft.

On the flip side, the Celts and many Asian nations viewed black cats as a sign of good luck. Well, whatever your preference, we're opting for the latter but only because it's positive. We just love black cats because they're cats - and ALL cats are awesome!

#2 Own your very own 'miniature panther'

When we think of a black panther, we think majestic and elegant. Their bright, piercing eyes against their silky black fur... incredible! How could you not be swept up by such magnificence?

So why not own your very own miniature version?!

#3 Make a new best friend

Who doesn't want one of the greatest, most loyal, loving, listening, friends around?

#4 Annoy your superstitious neighbour, te he he

Or even better, get rid of them entirely! With a black cat, you'll finally be able to enjoy peace from their nosy, intrusive ways!

#5 Halloween costume = sorted!

All you'll ever need from now on is a pointy hat and a broomstick, and you're set for every Halloween hereonin!

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#6 Give a black cat a chance

You need only go to a shelter to see that black cats often outnumber other cats. Let's do away with such myths already people, let's go get a black cat!

#7 Own an invisible coat... we mean cat!

 In the dark, all you'll see are two sparkling eyes... Time to scare your superstitious friends?

#8 Black never goes out of fashion!

The colour inspires mystery, but also simplicity and elegance. With a black cat, you'll never make a fashion faux pas!

#9 Black fur doesn't show up on dark clothing

Be it your favourite little black dress or your new coat, you can give your cat a hug without taking on the appearance of Cousin Itt...

#10 Because love doesn't have a colour!

We love cats because of their personality, company, and love - their colour just makes them even more beautiful!

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 What do you love most about black cats?

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    Jozefina M I adopted a black kitten and he is the most adorable and kindest kitten I ever had.