Many animal lovers have invested time into Instagram and have photographed their pets for our pleasure!

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog

This Japanese hedgehog has no real magical power but he was given this nickname for his aesthetic pictures that make him look as if he were levitating.

You can find his Instagram profile here.

Yogurt the Pirate dog

This little chihuahua has been blind since birth. He has become a minor celebrity on Instagram! How can you resist his little face? His disability never seemed to make him unhappy.

You can find his Instagram profile here.

Nina the Corgi

Nina loves to pose surrounded with breakfast foods. Other than hanging out with her brother, her hobbies include football and dressing up.

You can find her Instagram profile here.

Shirasu, Hotate & Clam

Follow the crazy lives of these three cats living in Tokyo!

You can find their Instagram profile here.

Raph the Cat

This beautiful Siberian cat lives in the Netherlands. He is always finding himself in ridiculous positions.

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