When it’s cold outside, do what this cat did and climb into an arcade game for warmth! A cat in Serbia got a lot of attention when it was found in a claw game machine outside a cinema.

Keeping Warm

Temperatures in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, reached a very cold minus two over the weekend and we can imagine that everyone did what they could to keep warm. This cat somehow made it into the vending machine, which astounded everyone!

Chat coincé dans un jeu de foire en Serbie

Passers-by Amused

The cat wasn’t fazed by all the attention it was getting from people walking past. Some people even attempted to grab the cat with the vending machine’s claw as a prize. The fun for some didn’t last long however, as the police came and got the cat out.

Imagine how warm it must have been amongst all the stuffed toys!

Source: nypost.com

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    YummyOrNot Y It's a great warm place cat in a claw machine 🐱