Alright, we don’t know that he hates christmas, but we do know he looks very grumpy about it!

Hijacking a nativity scene

The photo was taken by New York City photographer Brooke Goldman early on Sunday morning. She told the Dodo that, having reluctantly agreed to walk her boyfriend to the station, she was hurrying home for a few extra hours of sleep.

“I was pretty out of it,” Goldman told The Dodo. “I was trying to get home as fast as possible to go back to sleep and wasn’t ready for the day at all”, she said.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she saw something that made her day so much better. A round, grumpy looking cat was sat in the centre of a nativity scene, with no qualms about who saw him.

Sat in the manger

Far from being respectful of the neighbours' decorations, this little cat was crouched in the crib.

The photographer immortalised the image as quickly as she could, with Mary and Joseph looking lovingly down upon the grumpy feline, who frankly couldn’t care less.

Goldman says that it really picked her up on her walk home, "Laughing that hard that early in the morning makes the rest of the day much more positive.”

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Source : The Dodo

Photo credit : Brooke Goldman

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