If you have a dog, you in all likelihood have either a dog bed or a kennel. If you don't, or you're thinking of getting a new one, maybe you're wondering what kind you should get: plastic, wood, portable, durable...

This article should help you decide what kind of sleeping place would best suit your four-legged friend!

Dog beds for indoor dogs

A dog will need a bed once adult. A puppy would chew on a bed, so for the latter a wooden or cardboard box protected by a washable cover and furnished with a comfortable cushion would be preferable. Once your puppy is all grown up, however, you can make a more aesthetic choice for your dog's bed. You can find fantastic ones on the internet or in a pet store.

If you have a small dog, choose a portable bed or travel bag. So when you move with him, Fido will always feel at home, and it will avoid stressing him out.

If your dog is a large mastiff, choose a fairly rigid mattress, which you can even make it yourself. Install the niche away from drafts and valuable furniture.

Votre chien est-il un chien de niche ou de panier ?

Kennels for outdoor dogs

If your pet is not a homebody or you prefer to leave them outside, build a little place to shelter them from the wind in winter and the sun in the summer. Also, do not place it near the street, or your dog may bark whenever someone passes by.

As for the kennel itself, the solid wood (not concrete) should never be too spacious: your dog must be able to warm it up with the heat of their body. The floor and walls should consist of two layers of wood separated by insulating material. A hinged roof allows control within the kennel and easy cleaning.

Votre chien est-il un chien de niche ou de panier ?

In the winter, fix the entrance of the kennel with a small swing door. You can also build very nice summer kennel from an old barrel. In any case, the niche must be isolated from the ground and resting on four bricks.

But when it gets really cold, the best is to let your dog sleep inside. If you do not want them in the living room, you can put them in the garage if the temperature is acceptable.

Do not forget to clean and disinfect the kennel frequently!

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