Your dedication and support helped every single campaign reach 100% last month! That means that all four of the organizations that participated in September will receive 110 lb of pet food!

Are you interested in finding out which animal welfare organizations are participating this month? Do you want to see photos from organizations that received kibble? Read on!

You can feed rescue animals for free!

When you click on the "Click to give" button, you are helping rescue animals in the United States receive pet food for free! That is awesome!

Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center, Scaredy Cats TNR, Final Hope Animal Rescue, and Lucky Paws Rescue, Inc. will be receiving a donation of 110 lb of pet food each! This could not have been possible without your clicks!

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September campaigns completed

How does the Voice program work?

  1. During the entire month of October, you can click on the "Click to give" button daily to help the participating organizations raise clicks for kibble. It is not necessary to create a Yummypets account to click. However, if you have a Yummypets account, your clicks are doubled! The best part is that it does not cost a thing to click and show your support!
  2. If the organizations reach 100% by the end of the month, they receive 110 lb of pet food!

Who is participating in October?

Underdog Animal Rescue

Underdog Animal Rescue is a strong network of volunteers in the Bay Area dedicated to saving the Underdogs in their shelters and community. They have dedicated their efforts to giving a second chance to the dogs that are most in need (medically or behaviorally) and the dogs that have been overlooked for too long. They are a foster based rescue which means they do not have a shelter facility.

Underdog Animal Rescue

Presents for Paws

Presents for Paws collects pet food/supplies and distributes them to municipal shelters in Connecticut. Since the first collection drive in 2008, over 10,000 lb of pet food and supplies have been donated to help shelter animals. Over the years, Presents for Paws has been fortunate enough to expand its efforts thanks to the incredible growing support of our community.

Presents for Paws

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue provides shelter, food to cats who are in danger of euthanasia or other horrible deaths while waiting for their forever home. They assist the community in keeping their beloved pets and educating the community on spays/neuters, vaccines and how to be a good pet owner.

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue

Thelma & Louise Dog Rescue

Thelma & Louise Dog Rescue believes every dog deserves a loving home. They take in strays, abandoned & neglected dogs. Most of the time before the dog goes to the animal shelter.

Thelma & Louise Dog Rescue

So many animals in the USA are being fed through the Voice program!

Heart of America Humane Society

Heart of America Humane Society participated in the Voice program in August 2023. So many bags of kibble for their kittens and puppies!

Purrfect Peaches Cat Rescue

Purrfect Peaches Cat Rescue participated in the Voice program in August 2023. Your clicks helped them add 8 more bags of kitten food to their store room!

Purrfect Peaches Cat Rescue kibble donation

A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue

A Path 4 Paws Dog Rescue participated in the Voice program in August 2023. Look at all those bags of dog and puppy food! 

Mazolu Animal Sanctuary

Mazolu Animal Sanctuary participated in the Voice program in June 2022. Thanks to people like you, Kittrina and her animal friends raised enough clicks to receive several bags of food!

Are you an animal welfare organization?

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