Last month, Sage the blind dog was reported missing for over a week. Her disappearance was all the more worrying because she had lost her sight due to glaucoma.

A disappearance that worried everyone

Beth Cole, Sage's pet parent, stated that the family went to bed on the evening of 24th February and that come morning, the dog, aged 12, had simply disappeared.

At first, the Cole family asked around the neighbourhood to see whether anyone had seen their beloved dog, but in vain.

In reality, each hour that passed diminished their hope of finding Sage and bringing her back home.

"Our neighbours and other members of the community helped us to search for her day and night for a week. We searched everywhere," declared Beth.

chienne aveugle

The blind dog would not have survived another night

Luckily, Dan Estrada, an off-service fireman, spotted her while hiking.

"At first, I thought that it was just a rubbish bag in the water... the poor animal was lying in a stream, with her muzzle just above the water. When I saw that she was alive I jumped into the stream in order to calm her and get her out of there."

Dan also mentioned that it was about to rain when he saved the blind dog and that Sage would probably not have survived another night in the mountains.

"She walked slowly and with difficulty, so I decided to carry her on my shoulders," said Dan.

sauvetage de sage

sauvetage sage

sauvetage de sage

An emotional return

One of Dan's friends contacted the Cole family to tell them that Sage had been found safe and sound.

"They cried, they were so happy," said Dan.

Sage's pet parents were offering a reward of $1000 to whoever found their beloved blind dog. However, Dan refused the money and asked that it be donated to an animal shelter instead.

"Our family is extremely grateful to Dan. Thanks to him, Sage is back at home where she belongs.  I'm grateful to the people of our little town who showed us what a community feels like," said Beth.


Would you have done the same as Dan in his situation?

Source : Bored Panda & The Dodo

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