Discover Earth's Answers - a natural and organic way of healing your pets. Today, founder Vikki Schlegel will answer our questions and tell us a little more about the small business she created for animal wellbeing.

Hello Vikki! Can you tell us about Earth's Answers?

Sure. Earth's Answers is a small business owned and operated by me, Vikki Schlegel, based out of my ranch, Horseshoe Ranch and Arena (Oklahoma, USA). We offer a small line of all natural, organic, sustainable products for pets and people. We blend unique variations of organic wild grown herbs with 100% organic food grade diatomaceous earth for many different pet remedies. We call diatomaceous earth... “Mother Earth’s Magic Dust”.

How and when did the Earth's Answer's adventure start?

The story of how Earth’s Answers started begins in August of 2007 when I was diagnosed with an aggressive sinus cancer. I was given the option of chemo/radiation and surgery with a grim prognosis of not much more than a few years to live. Of course I was just about like every other American and had a terrible diet...I also used many conventional chemicals to treat my animals for fleas, ticks, worms and ailments.

After watching most of my family pass away battling cancer with conventional treatments...for some awesome reason I decided to research all natural treatments...and thus my incredible journey began. Not only did I heal myself and get extremely healthy...I also changed the lives of my pets as well!

With all my extensive research I learned so much about herbs and natural remedies from Mother Earth! I was overwhelmed and wanted to share my discoveries with everyone. Owning and operating an equine facility, Horseshoe Ranch, my customers, friends and neighbours were so amazed at the transformation both me and my animals had made.... they too wanted in on my secrets. I started making batches of my concoctions and giving them away until it got too much - people were wanting to buy it and coming from everywhere... Earth’s Answers joined the Horseshoe Ranch and was officially born in June of 2011.

Earth’s Answers is still a very small family sized business, and all our products are mixed and made by hand, each in a bucket! We use all of the products we sell on us and our animals. We hope to grow bigger but always want to keep the best quality with a small family business.

Is it important to you to use only organic and responsible ingredients for your products?

After being my own advocate and healing myself using all natural means, the importance of «organic» has never meant so much! I am extremely passionate about sustainable, Earth friendly, organic ingredients. I believe you can not have organic or natural if you are not Earth-conscious! It all goes hand in hand. All Earth’s Answers products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients and always will be.

You mentioned your pets before - can you tell us about them?

The Horseshoe Ranch in SW Oklahoma has been in operation since 2002. We offer a riding school and lots of animals for the students to interact with. We have lesson horses, Angel and Festus, that I have had for over 10 years; Caliber, Dallas, Flaxie (he is 32 years old and still giving lessons daily though I have owned him since he was 19!); and Peanuts, a 30-inch tall horse giving lessons to toddlers.

We also have animal farms that include: Wilbur, a pot belly pig, Cleatus the donkey, and about twenty chickens. I also own dogs - Lacey, a farm dog, Tyson and Abby the boxers, Trigger the Poodle, and Scarlet the Schnauzer. My cats include Dusty, Winifred, Raven, Autumn, Story and Clea.

So... I personally feed and care for more than 40 animals every day! All my animals are always all natural - I use no chemicals on them ever! For every ailment, I use what Mother Earth provides. All my animals are super healthy, with thick beautiful coats and shiny happy eyes!

Anything you would like to add about Earth's Answers, Vikki?

In our hectic lives today, we all seem to choose chemicals for convenience or to save time... but in the end we loose time. Stop and slow down, smell the roses, choose natural, organic and sustainable, give it time to work... in the end you will have extra precious time. Namaste.

Photo credit: Earth's Answers

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