A dog that recently went missing in Kansas City was recently returned to her family... thanks to television!

Tabitha and her pet-parent Alfred Schaefer, who suffers from Alzheimers, both disappeared. Schaefer was quickly found, but there was no sign of his beloved pet.

A woman found Tabitha, thinking that she was a stray, but quickly realised that she had a family. Tabitha became excited when she heard the voice of a woman who appeared on TV, talking about how she'd lost her pet. The woman who had found Tabitha immediately understood why Tabitha became excited - the woman on telelvision was Tabitha's pet parents.

She therefore noted down the phone number shown on the TV screen and contacted the owners.

When Alfred Schaefer and Tabitha disappeared, the former's wife, Kelly, had imagined the worst, knowing that her husband suffered from Alzheimers. Although Alfred was found quickly, their Bichon-Poodle cross was not with him. "I shouted her name, that I had treats, the sort of thing that normally brought her running," explained Kelly on the Fox 4 News channel.


The couple posted hundreds of flyers around the area, but no one had seen Tabitha.


"She was like my child. I love her as much as my husband," said Kelly, tears in her eyes.

All the while, Tabitha was safe and sound, with a family that thought she had none of her own. However, chance dictated that she be with the family that would watch TV at the very moment that her pet-parent spoke on the news.

"Our dog loves to watch TV, and when we turn ours on she always runs to join us, wagging her tail and watching the screen. We knew that it was the best way to reach her. Ten minutes later, we got the phone call saying that Tabitha had been found."

You can see the TV program that Tabitha reacted to here.

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source : lifewithdogs

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