Cats are wonderful companions, but when they start to urinate in the wrong places, such as in your carpet or on your couch, then your companion becomes not so wonderful...

In this article I will show you the top reasons why cats urinate inappropriately, the top ways to solve this, plus my most effective home remedies to eliminate the odor. You’ll find out how to prevent this from happening again, keeping your home free from the unpleasant odor of cat urine.

Cats choose to urinate outside their litter box for a variety of reasons. Some cats will urinate due to a medical condition called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD); in this condition there is pain and inflammation. Kidney disease can cause increased drinking and urination, while diabetes can lead to increased drinking and bladder infections. Some cats have issues with their litter box, as it may be the wrong type of litter, or are located in a place with too much traffic. In other situations, cats will urinate due to behavior; such as the stress of being inside, anxiety with another cat, or just because an unfamiliar new ‘object’ is present.

Litter box problems are best treated by changing litters to one your cats prefers ( such as clumping clay litter), placing them in more private areas in your home, and by having more litter boxes available. The litter must be cleaned regularly, as cats will be averse to using it due to smell, and not being fresh.

Medical conditions require a diagnosis at your veterinarian starting with an analysis of the urine. Kidney failure and diabetes require specific diets, medication based on test results, and in the case of diabetes, insulin can be needed. FLUTD, or bladder inflammation can respond to conventional and alternative treatments. These include: canned food increasing moisture content, supplements to decrease inflammation, such as Glucosamine, and/or anti-anxiety conventional medication such as amitriptyline. The cat glucosamine dose is 100mg per 10lbs of body weight daily.

Cat in litter box

Cat behavior urination requires you to decrease the stress causing your cat to urinate in the wrong places. Behavioral urination occurs more often in un-neutered/ unsprayed cats; if this is the case with your cat then have them spayed or neutered. Top holistic remedies to decrease anxiety in your cat include the pheromone called Feliway; it is available as a spray or plug in diffuser. Bach Rescue Remedy may make your anxious cat feel calmer and more secure. Place 1 drop twice daily in your cat’s mouth. Try this for 3-4 weeks. Valerian may decrease anxiety in your cat, but it must be given for 2 weeks. The dose is 50 mg per lb of body weight of the dried herb or 1 drop per lb of body weight twice daily of the extract.

Removing the smell of cat urine is key to preventing this from happening again. Cats tend to go back to the same area that they have urinated on in the past. There are a number of commercial urine odor removal products, but I have found a particular home recipe very effective. If the urine is fresh, soak up as much as possible with a cloth or paper towel. Mix up this recipe for odor neutralizer (may lighten fabric so test a spot first) 1 cup hydrogen peroxide ( 3%), 1 tsp baking soda, 1 quick squirt liquid dish soap. Mix well and completely saturate on carpet/fabric that has been urinated on, and let air dry. Some people find mixing in a spray bottle and spraying it on is easier. Wait 24-48 hours then vacuum your carpet/couch, or wash your peed on shirt.


You can stop your cat from urinating in the wrong places in your house if you follow my above suggestions, a successfully remove the foul odor. If your cat is drinking more than normal, or urinating frequently with blood, then have a veterinarian determine the cause. If feline urinary tract disease is found, follow the basic principles of increasing fluid in your cats diet with canned food, decrease inflammation with supplements such as glucosamine, and decrease stress in your cat with remedies such as the natural pheromone, Feliway. Use my advised home recipe to remove the smell of cat urine, and if you follow all of the steps, this may never happen again.

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