It’s difficult to escape the selfie craze. For the last few years, selfies have been taking over the internet, and especially social media.

Sometimes we just want to take a cute photo with our pets…but they don’t always have the same idea. Here are 10 cats that definitely didn’t want to have their photo taken, with hilarious results.

#1 - Grumpy cat never surprises us…

selfie grumpy cat

#2 - Yes, that’s right take ANOTHER selfie.

selfie chat blasé

#3 - Did you say, smile?

selfie chat sourire

#4 - Will it ever end?

selfie chat blasé

#5 - When you try and convince your friend that cats are better than dogs, but this happens.

selfie chat

#6 -I said noooo

selfie chat

#7 - Drop the phone or I’m eating it. RIGHT NOW.

selfie chat

#8 - I warned you… 

selfie chat

#9 - Let me go!

selfie chat

#10 - Yeah I’d like to be alone in the photo actually, thanks.

selfie chat

Cats are definitely expressive, even if they're not great selfie lovers!

Does your cat like photos?

Source : Bored Panda

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