As we all know, the cats are solitary animals that love their privacy. They have many tricks up their sleeves to find the perfect hiding place, where they won’t be bothered. Whether it’s in the kitchen, lounge or your bedroom they can be difficult to spot. Yes, they even try to hide from you sometimes!

Can you find the cat that lurks somewhere in each of these photos? It’s your turn to play!

Clue n°1 - I blend in the decor


Clue n°2 : I don't want to climb the stairs


Clue n°3 - I am hidden in a comfy place

Clue n°4 - No kitchen paper needed with me ...


Clue n°5 - Looking for toys ?


Clue n°6 - This is my favorite place most of the time


Clue n°7 - Am I a flower ?


Clue n°8 - White on white, try to find me ! blog_yummypets_find_the_cat_08_10_2015

Have you find all the hidden cats?

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