Nicknamed the 'R Litter', Queensland Police Service's fluffy new recruits are on their way to becoming hero crime fighters to track some of the toughest criminals in the Australian state.

Cutest crime fighters

Nine German Shepherd puppies have become the Queensland Police Service's newest recruits. They may look like cute little fluff balls for now, but they'll soon become crime fighters, tracking down some of the state's worst offenders on the run from police.

The pups were born on the 16th of March this year and will spend the next 12 to 18 months training with their police foster carers. Here they will learn how to socialise and perform basic to mid-level training skills. After this period, a series of final tests will be conducted to determine whether the dogs are are suitable for police work.

Police Minister Mark Ryan explained the reasoning behind the "R litter" name: "What we do with each litter is name them after the next letter in the alphabet, sort of like cyclones, so we are up to [the] "R litter"."

Just like the litter, each puppy's name begins with the letter R. There are two girls, Rhode and Rhaja, and seven boys - Raptor, RJ, Ruckus, Riddler, Raider, Rumble and Reggie. What cute names!

The importance of tracking dogs

Once fully trained, Mr Ryan said police dogs are one of the most active and essential frontline services. In 2018, tracking dogs were deployed 14 times a day. During the year, they tracked 1,599 people thanks to their impressive noses.

Responsible for the breeding of the pups, Sergeant Dean Hansen said: "One in two dogs that we breed don't make the grade. We basically take the best of the best to work as police dogs in Queensland."

What happens to the pups that don't make the cut? Given their still-excellent capabilities, some work with trainers in the prison system. For others, it's an "early retirement" and off to a loving family home. So don't worry, each dog has an exciting and happy life whichever the outcome!

Can you believe these cuties become professional crime fighters?

Source: Brisbane Times

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

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