The month of November passed us by all too quickly and now here we are already in December! It is time to reveal to your the winners of the 38th Yummypets Photo Competition!

By the way, the photo contests are now available on our mobile apps, and therefore even more of you decided to participate in the month's three themes: 'My pet is getting ready for winter', 'My cat and their favourite toy' and 'My pet lives to eat'. Without any further ado, here are the results!

My pet is getting ready for the winter

For this wintry theme, the photo that one the most votes was that of Angel, Luna & Lily with 194 votes. Congratulations, you're ready for the winter!

chat noir et blanc

The Yummypets Team's choice was very difficult because each photo was cuter than the last one! After numerous discussions, the winner is James & Zoé. Congratulations, you look so warm!

chien shi tsu

My cat and their favourite toy

On this special cat theme, the photo that one the most votes was by Ti'Roux, Fripon, Mimine "petit ange" with 152 votes. Congratulations, you look like you' re having so much fun with this toy!

chat roux

After having looked at all the photos, the Yummypets Team's choice went to Mogwai. Congrats, your toy looks like great fun!

chat noir et blanc

My pet lives to eat

And for this final theme, you showed us exactly how much your pets love their kibbles!

The photo with the most votes was Galaxie du clan des ptit breiz with 199 votes. Congratulations, you seems to be a great food critic!

cavalier king charles

And finally, the Yummypets Team's choice went to Hitie de la Légende des Elfes. Not content with your own kibbles, you're also hunting down your pet parent's dinner!


Thank you and well done for all your photos, it's always a pleasure to see what photos you have produced for us and to see you turning out in droves to vote for each other!

Don't hesitate to participate in our new December photo competitions, with one-off prizes from monbento and Cheerz to be won!

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