1. The Olinguito

This is the first time in 35 years that scientists have discovered a new mammal! The Olinguito was found in the Andes Mountains in Colombia and it looks like a cross between a bear and a cat!


 2. The Andrill Anemone

 The newest species of anemone has been discovered under a glacier in Antarctica.


 3. The Skeleton Shrimp

The latest crustacean to be found is very strange looking and see through! It was discovered off the coast of California.


4. Orange Penicillium

 This new fungus species has been discovered in Tunisia.


5. The Leaf-Tailed Gecko

This gecko was found in Australia, and is so good at camouflage, making it very difficult to spot! No wonder it has only been discovered now!


6. Amoeboid Protist

 This one-celled organism is only about 5 cm long and lives in the Mediterranean sea.


7. Tinkerbell Fairyfly

 This tiny wasp with the very cool name was discovered in Costa Rica and measures in at 250 micrometres. 


 8. Clean Room Microbe

 This is a type of very strong bacteria which has been discovered in French Guiana, in sterilized rooms where spaceships are built!


9. Domed Land Snail

This very interesting snail was found in Croatia. It lives in the caves 900 meters under sea level, and its see-through shell makes it look a bit like a ghost!


 10. Kaweesak’s Dragon Tree

 Last but not least is a new species of tree found in Thailand. The tree is 10meters high.


 Source & Photo: International Institute for Species Exploration

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