From destitution to millionaire, John Fedorov's special bond with a dog during his time during the war led him to leave his money not to his family, but to one lucky dog!

During World War 2, John had a dog called Valet who lived with him in a concentration camp in Germany.

After the war, in 1950, Valet got very sick and needed to have an expensive operation. Unfortunately, John had next to no money and was about to start a new job in California that would allow him to start a new life.

With no money to support his companion, John had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave Valet in Germany.

When John met Joulik

Even after many years, Valet always remained on John’s mind.

In 2007, John moved to Belarus and met another dog called Joulik, a guard dog belonging to a family there.

This dog was the same breed as Valet, reminding him of his old beloved companion. And so, forming a special bond with this new dog, John decided to write his will and make his new friend, Joulik the dog, a beneficiary of his newfound wealth.

John leaves his money to Joulik

In his will, John asked for the creation of a bank account in Joulik's and the owner's name. He also asked that Joulik get his own bedroom as well as a trip each year for this rich pup. Joulik is also provided with three balanced meals a day and a heated dog kennel sent directly from the United States.

John asked a monument be made in honour of Joulik when he dies. His owners will keep 10% of the fortune and the remaining 90% will be donated to a wildlife refuge in the United States.

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