Today we're going to meet one of Léo's Yummypal friends, Dizzy. Come get to know this beautiful girl and start your very own friendship with her.

According to her human, Yummypal Dizzy is a very independent young female tabby. She can be quite shy and gets scared easily. But she's certainly one beautiful little lady.

Let's talk to Dizzy's human to learn more about this gorgeous Yummypal!

When, where and how did you meet Dizzy?

I met Dizzy when she was around a few weeks / a month old. She still had blue eyes that have since faded. My mum actually bought her for me for £20.

Where does her name come from?

Well my mum owns a pub and a customer thought of the name Dizzy. Dizzy's brother, who is sadly no longer alive after being hit by a car, was called Rascal. Hence Dizzy Rascal [English rapper's name].

Tell us about a typical day with Dizzy?

Dizzy is very shy, she only comes to me. She cuddles around me, kisses me, plays with me, and she has about two mad half hours where she will run around and go nuts. She eats 2-3 times a day and then she has a special blanket which she suckles on at night. She sleeps at the end of my bed for the night, and then she wakes me up in the morning around 6am.

What’s Dizzy's silliest trait?

She has these mad half hours where she will run about and even try and get into the frog tank!

What’s your best memory together?

Ah, there's been so many! I mean, probably the day I met her - she's had such a big impact on my life.

We're so happy Dizzy found her human and the reverse. Love to them both!

Meet Dizzy here!

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