If you don’t already know the name Kendall Jones, we’ll remind you... She is the american cheerleader  famous for posing next the animals she has hunted and killed. Whether they’re endangered or not, is of no concern to her. All that she wants is to pose next to her trophies.

Even though millions of Facebook petitions have moved to ban Kendall from posting these images, she continues, and this time - the horror continues. Her new trophy is a puma she shot during her time in New Mexico. The concept of protected species is one that is foreign to Jones.

Kendall’s Facebook page, with over a million fans, proudly displays her displaying this poor puma with no respect at all.


There is a history of controversy around her Facebook page and it just goes to show that Kendall obviously just doesn’t care. You may remember her vile images from her trip to Africa, where she killed an elephant and a lion in cold blood and then posted them on Facebook. Facebook removed these images as a violation of use, but sadly, the lesson wasn’t learnt.

As expected, there is serious shock around her callous actions and her obvious lack of concern for another being’s life. People are so furious that there have been threats on Kendall’s life.


We’ll spare you the sight of the other horrid images…

What do you think about Kendall and her actions?

Source: fredzone.org

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