Lately, the subject of zoos is becoming increasingly sensitive. While many European zoos are being criticized by the media for euthanizing animals who don’t need it, the Surabaya zoo in Indonesia is now under scrutiny.

This time it is not the euthanizing of innocent animals making people unhappy but rather the neglecting and mistreatment of animals in this zoo.

Neglecting Animals

In the past year, around 43 animals have died because of atrocious conditions in the zoo. There is a lack of food, care and consideration shown by the staff who work there.

Lions have been found strangled by wires in their cages  and around 20kg of plastic was found in a giraffe’s stomach. Wildebeest, orang-utans, giraffes and tigers are just a few of the animals suffering. As we can see from a photo taken by an Australian journalist, the tiger is very thin and does not look cared for.



In a previous investigation it has been reported that the meat meant for the animals are stolen by zoo carers and then sold on the black market. Many animals have also been stolen from the zoo and sold on the black markets too.

The question of how the zoo can support all the animals and staff there arises, when it emerges that tickets to the zoo only cost €0, 95. No wonder the animals are suffering from malnutrition!

 Source: Nature World News


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