Cat owners understand - we all do strange things no one else seems to understand (except our fur friends, of course!). Let us guide you into the strange and wonderful world of all the weird things cat owners do!

If you're reading this article, it's probably because you have a cat and are nodding your head in appreciation, or you're simply intrigued about all the weird things cat owners do.

For the cat lovers and owners, let's see if you share some of the same weird traits as other cat owners. For the others, let's see if we can draw a cheeky smile from you...

Inspiration and pics from Buzz Feed.

Introducing 14 of the weird things cat owners do!

1. Attempting to hold your cat's paw

Let's face it, you love (trying) to do this on a snuggly Sunday afternoon on the couch.

2. Running around the house yelling...

"Ohhhhhhh my goooosh, I could just eat you you're so cute!!".

3. Not going to the toilet because your cat is napping on your lap

Absolutely not! Would you look at this adorable bundle of fluff on my lap!!

4. Talking to your cat

Pretending but also genuinely believing they actually understand you!

5. Using a cutesy little voice just for them

"Heeeeeey sweetiepieeeeeeee! How aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare you?".

6. Taking photos of your cat in unusual positions 

Me to friend: "Let me show you our skiing pictures from last weekend."

Also me to friend: "... Just wait while I scroll past the 43,936 photos of Snowball..."

7. Calling your cat multiple nicknames

Real name: Marmalade (barely used).

Names you actually call your cat: Marmie, Mamamoo, Mamielamie, Creole Lady Marmalade. Etc.

8. Holding your cat in front of the mirror

"Look! Who's that?! Oh who's that?!! It's you! Yeahhhh? It's YOU! Aren't you prettttty!!".

9. Letting your cat sleep in your bed despite everything you already know...

So long sleep!

10. Letting your cat come into the bathroom

Well duh, they'll just cry otherwise and we can't have that now, can we?!!

chat dans la salle de bain

11. Convince yourself it's a sign that they love you

Cat: *Hungry* *Looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes*

Me: Aww, he's telling me he loves me!

12. Stroking their fur backwards

Because that reaction!

13. Saying "bless you" when they sneeze

Because we wouldn't want them catching the plague, would we now?!!

14. Making crucial choices

"Sorry guys, I can't come out tonight, I've got to..." *cuddles cat*

Do these sound familiar to you? :)

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