Say hi to Brin! Brin has a super important job and she loves it. This two year old dog sniffs out a very specific kind of turtle, the geometric turtle, which are among the 25 most threatened species of turtles in the world. Brin works in the Cape region of South Africa, and seems very happy indeed.

For each of the turtles found, Brin gets a reward. For all of her hard work, she gets to play with her ball as long as she wants, which is her favourite thing to do and if you think this isn't fair, don't stress, Brin is paid for all of her efforts too!

The initiative to train Brin was taken by conservationists in Cape Town after a fire in the Elandsberg nature reserve in 2012. This event highlighted the plight of the turtles and it was then deemed as very necessary to make certain that these animals are cared for in the best possible way.

What puts these turtles on the endangered list besides events like the fire, are agricultural, viticultural and urban development, which has already destroyed about 90% of their natural habitat.

Let’s hope that Brin will save the most amount of turtles she possibly can. We like to think that that is happening anyway! 


Source & Photo: charentelibre

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    YummyOrNot Y That is very cool dogs can do so much🐶❤️👍🐢