This is not just a tall story but has actually been proven; having a pet keeps you healthy! Whether it is a dog, cat or even a rodent.

The Worst Day

Imagine a bad day:  your colleague finished all the coffee, the photocopier was down again, you were stuck in traffic on the way home and you had a fight with your friend. You get home from a long day and are ready for a nervous breakdown.

When you open your front door, your furry friend appears and cannot wait to lick your face and greet you. Your mood instantly lifts and your stress levels go down. Your companion has the power to help you relax and forget your worries!

Pet Benefits

Animals are very good for human mental health; they help lower cholesterol levels, and as you have to take them for walks you get a bit of exercise too.

Over all pets destress you - just by looking at them your heart rate decreases and your body releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for pleasure and love.

Good for the heart, good for the morale and good for the body - don’t hesitate, run to your local shelter and adopt today!

Source: Biba Magazine

Photo: Thinkstock

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