Dating site eDarling recently published results of a survey that looked at the influence of pets on our love lives. And the results were rather interesting!

Influence of pets on love lives

Love lives are important to the majority of the population. But so too are our pets. For some, pets take precedence, and it was this topic eDarling was keep to explore further.

Surveying around 400 singletons, the study looked at the influence of pets on these singletons' love lives. The results revealed some very interesting, but perhaps not surprising, findings.

Dogs and cats: wingmen or breakup catalysts?

Our best friends in life, our four-legged friends can also be our wingmen when it comes to love. Trouble is, they can also be the catalyst for our breakups. Here's what the singletons said in the survey.

Results showed that one in three respondents would choose their dog over their significant other; one in 10 women had already broken up with their significant other because of a pet; and approximately one fifth of 30-39 year olds had met a significant other thanks to their pet.

Breakup catalysts?

"My partner takes better care of their pet than they do of me." "My partner doesn't like my pet." "My pet doesn't like my partner."

According to the survey, these were the most likely explanations for a breakup. In total, 30% of respondents consider an animal as a cause for a breakup; one in 10 women and one in 11 men have already broken up with someone because of a pet.

It's not uncommon to find some people who devote their lives to their pet/s. It's understandable, however it can mean that the change to routine of adding another human into the equation may lead to changes either the pet parent, the animal, or the significant other may not adapt well to.


Ultimate wingmen?

While pets can be the source of a breakup, there's no mistaking the fact that animals can bring people together. The number of people dog parents meet thanks to their pooch is quite staggering. And cat parents? Well, let's just say that they understand the special bond with the feline species.

So when the data was collected from the survey, it was no surprise to see the results reflect that of reality, particularly when it came to dogs. In fact, over half of the people in the survey preferred dogs to cats. That said, a large majority of singles declared that they were attracted by people with pets. Love is love after all!

The results showed that more women are attracted to people with pets than men. However, bringing your pet on a first date is not exactly the greatest of ideas. But, in a surprise twist, 76% of 30-somethings found that it would be charming to bring a pet to a first date, while people under 29 found it to be a turn-off. A little too obsessive maybe?

Animals are a great asset for those looking to make social connections. They reflect your life and your personality as well as showing your interests. Life-long friends and wingmen, they might just help you to find the love of your life!

Chien et chat : atout de séduction ou source de rupture ?
Have you ever started or ended a relationship because of a pet?


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