In Florida, an Orange County wildlife sanctuary is caring for a strange animal. She was found underneath a car last week, trying to keep warm.

A strange creature

The Back to Nature Wildlife Centre wrote on Facebook: "A volunteer of ours reached out to ask us what it was. We advised them to safely trap it and bring it in, as it appeared weak and cold. With luck and experience on her side, she was able to bring the mystery animal to BTN by Saturday morning. It was clear to us what we had in our care! A chupacabra some might say..."

What is this creature?

Everyone online seemed confused as to what it was. She has finally been identified as a hairless racoon. They think that she suffers either from alopecia or a genetic mutation that she was born with. She has been named "Dobby" because of her resemblance to the character from the Harry Potter movies!

The raccoon's health has sadly been declining and is currently with the refuge's vet and under 24-hour care. They are collecting donations for the raccoon's treatment, which you can find here

Get well soon Dobby!

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