Animal activist and photographer Casey Elise Christopher often publishes photos of shelter animals, in the hope that it will promote their adoption.

Promoting adoption

Around this time two years ago, she published an amazing photo series of black kittens, showcasing their personalities. This halloween, she's back again with a new series.

This time, Casey decided to photograph the black kittens against a black background. Writing on Bored Panda, she stated that many people are adversed to adopting a black kitten because they don’t photograph well. Her photo series definitely proves that this isn’t always true!

Black cats reportedly have the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates. Despite the dispelling of myths surrounding the cute animals, many are still hesitant to adopt them, leaving them abandoned and in shelters.

We think you’ll agree that these adorable kittens deserve new homes, and fast!

2015 series

2017 series

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See more of the photo series and Casey's other work on her instagram @imogenthekitten

Have you adopted a black cat?

Source : Bored Panda

Photos : Casey ELise Christopher

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