After putting their beautiful dog, Buxton, down because he had cancer and was struggling, a couple from Virginia is now facing a criminal charge for animal cruelty.

A part Of The Family

Travis and Aaren Evans had owned their Labrador retriever for 8 years and thought of him very fondly. He would dress up for their young daughter and they never had any problems with him until he became sick. Doctors discovered Buxton had cancer because of a biopsy done on an amputated toe. In just a few days everything went downhill and their dog became very ill. He suffered a seizure and was visibly very weak.


Making A Decision

The family decided euthanizing their dog would be the best option, and because they didn’t have money to spend they took him to the Stafford County Animal Shelter, where this would be done for free.

Animal Cruelty

Travis took Buxton to the shelter alone and when he got there an officer claimed that Travis did not get his dog emergency care. This, as well as not providing an animal with food, water and shelter is considered animal cruelty by the shelter.


Court Date

Travis will be charged with a class 1 misdemeanour and will appear before a jury on 23 February for Buxton’s death. Travis, who is a local government employee, is worried about his career and supporting his family if he has a misdemeanour on his record.

Losing their dog to cancer is bad enough, but having to go through facing a criminal charge for losing your dog is horrible.

Do you think the Evans’ decision was cruel or kind?

Source: WUSA9


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    Karen P I have mixed emotions about this familes decision to have Animal Control euthinize their beautiful dog. It sort of seems like they're putting their problems onto the county. The article doesn't mention whether the owner sought out medical care prior to his decsion to end this dogs life. I couldn't just leave any of my dogs at an animal shelter and allow him/her to die. I find it pretty heartless. And you mention that he works for the Govt. Doesn't he make enough to at least euthinize his pet humanely? Just sad.

    YummyOrNot Y Not right at all