In the cold winter months stray cats and dogs often suffer because they have no shelter in the horrible conditions. This winter, an imam in Istanbul wants to make a difference; he has decided to open a mosque so that many stray cats have shelter from the cold.

Shelter For The Cats

The imam, Mustafa Efe, has opened up the Aziz Mahmud Hὔdayi mosque to all the stray cats that need shelter this winter. Even though residents in Istanbul leave food and water for the stray animals, in the winter this is not always enough. But, with food, water and shelter, the stray cats of Istanbul will be just fine.

Spread The Love

The imam often posts photos of the visiting animals on his Facebook page, and has recently posted an adorable video of a cat bringing her kittens into the mosque. The photos and videos the imam posts are usually accompanied by quotes or sayings from the Prophet Mohammed, which encourages people to show compassion towards animals.

Many people visit the mosque to see and play with the many cats that make use of the shelter, often posting their photos to social media sites as well.


Taking care of the stray cats has become very important to the people of Istanbul. They don’t only focus on feeding them and providing them with shelter, but protest to protect them. In 2012, over 30, 000 people protested against legislation to clear the city of stray animals.

We love how communities stand together to look after animals!

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