As you may know, Seine-Saint-Denis is currently the scene of a terrorist attack by the same offenders and organisers of the Paris attacks on Friday the 13th of November. As RAID began their defence against these attackers, their dog, Diesel's life has been taken from him.

Diesel's Death

Diesel had been in service for more than 7 years with RAID. As he had been sent in as a scout it is assumed he had been shot by the terrorists, but at this stage the cause of death is not known.


RAID dogs are vital in their support against crime, and are trained to aid in all kinds of situations. They’re very brave dogs and are often unsung heroes, fast and obedient as the result of vigorous training. They respond to the slightest instruction, whether it be movement or sound and thanks to this training, the bond between dog and trainer is unbelievably strong.

These assault dogs are given various missions including searching for explosives!

They are truly courageous dogs that should be lauded for what they do. Diesel can be very proud for his service, as we are proud of Diesel. RIP.

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