Felix, the most famous employee of Huddersfield Train Station, has been using her fame to raise money for charity.

Felix's edition of the Big Issue sold out three times

The Big Issue is a newspaper that is sold by struggling adults who have no other means of income. Approximately 12,350 are printed and then sold by 250 vendors. However, the 13-19 March edition sold out three times in just over a week. And that was because Huddersfield Train Station's most famous employee was on the cover.

Felix the cat has released a book called ‘Felix the Railway Cat’ and so far has raised over £25,000 for Prostate cancer UK. Her appearance on the Big Issue North cover was to promote it.

Felix has been at the station for five years

In 2011, Felix arrived at Huddersfield Train Station as a 9 week old kitten. Her name was given to her as everyone thought that she was male - until she was taken to the veterinary clinic. She quickly became integrated into the team. She even has a cat flap installed into the barriers, allowing her to carry out her duties freely.

Since then, she has been working diligently to reduce mice and other vermin on the platforms. In fact, she did so well that after 5 years, she was promoted to Senior Pest Controller at the West Yorkshire station. The promotion came with a high-visibility jacket and name badge from the Transpennine Express rail network.

Felix is famous worldwide

Since then, her career has skyrocketed. A Transpennine Express spokesperson said nobody thought she’d get to be so global. "She receives messages on her personal Facebook page from all over the world, which keeps fans up to date with her activities." This same Facebook page has over 100,000 likes.

A colleague has stated that despite Felix’s fame, it has not gone to her head. “As with most cats, they already think the world revolves around them,” and that she is getting more treats and attention from the promotion, which means “she’s very happy”.

Would you like to meet Felix the Railway cat?

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