Hello Hoomans,

You all know how much I love Ian Somerhalder... A fervent defender of animal welfare, and really gorgeous too! PURRRR

Well our super "green" vampire and Nina Dobrev split up a couple of weeks ago, and a break ups are never easy. But Ian has found himself a new girl: Nietzsche!

Nietzsche is a young dog found close to the Vampire Diaries set, and Ian already seems very fond of her!

My new girl. Rescued from traffic near the Vampire Diaries stages just a few hours ago - so smart, so beautiful & charming - all a man could ask for in a girl - So happy together. Her name is Nietzsche… Photo by the one and only @thejram

Ian posted this photo of his new girl on his Instagram account!


Lucky you Nietzsche, I don't think you could have found a better savior!

Laters readers!
Gossip Kitty

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