Meet Scrappy, a cat affected with an anomaly that has given him this incredible coat!

Scrappy, 19 years old

David adopted Scrappy in 1997. When he was a kitten, Scrappy had a uniformly black coat. David had adopted him because he was the most reserved out of the litter, and no one wanted him...

No one knew that his fur was going to change with time.

In reality, Scrappy was affected with a very rare anomaly that altered the colour of his fur and his skin.

Scrappy chat vitiligo

A rare illness: Vitiligo

When Scrappy was seven years old, his fur started to change. At first, white blotches appeared, becoming more numerous, and spreading across Scrappy's coat.

Today, Scrappy is 19 years old and is covered with little white stains, giving him the look of a marbled coat.

These little stains are due to a rare skin condition called Vitiligo, but it is usually only humans who are affected.

Vitiligo affects the colour of skin because it depigments it. This is what changed the skin and fur of Scrappy. Vitiligo is usually hereditary, but doesn't affect health, the proof being that Scrappy is 19 years old, a great age for a catagit sur la couleur de la peau car il la dépigmente. C'est cela qui donne ce changement de couleur du pelage et de la pea!

Here are some photos of the gorgeous Scrappy! Isn't he incredible?

Scrappy chat vitiligo

Scrappy chat vitiligo Scrappy chat vitiligo Scrappy chat vitiligo Scrappy chat vitiligo

Source : Demotivateur


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    Roberta Z I didn't know vitiligo can affect cats too!😱 But he's gorgeous anyway!💙

    Miriam M It's amazing