It's easy to celebrate a hero. We see them all the time yet not often enough, but no one is more of a hero than Pui. This is her story.

Pui is a Hero

Whilst searching for food in the very rural Tha Rua district of Ayutthaya in Thailand, Pui came across something quite different and immediately felt he had to present a plastic packet and it's contents to his owners. When Pui returned home, he barked as much as possible to gain the attention of Gumnerd Thongma, who then searched the contents of the plastic bag.

When Gumnerd reached the packet he was astounded to find a newborn child inside, who still had her umbilical cord attached to her belly button.

The Hospital 

The little girl was rushed straight to hospital where she has miraculously survived despite her tought start to life. Only weighing a mere 2.2kg, she can thank her lucky stars that Pui arrived just in time and had the sense to take it upon himself to save her life.


Man's Best Friend

What can we learn from all of this? Well, nothing we don't already know. Dogs are certainly and will forever be man's best friend. The Red Cross have rewarded Pui with his efforts by giving him a leather collar, decorated with a medal and a local vet has offered Pui medical care to the value of 10 000 Baht, for free.

Pui has taught us some valuable lessons about sticking our neck out for others and now five families have already offered to adopt the young orphan. The world we live in is exceptional thanks to brilliant animals like Pui.

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