Yesterday, an amazing article in, explained that a wearable tech may help dogs communicate with people. Is all pet lovers' dream finally coming true?

With the Google glass, wearable tech has taken a step further, and its potential to give animals a voice has led to the program Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations, but let's just call it FIDO ;)

FIDO works by outfitting a service dog with a sensor that attaches to a collar or vest. When the dogs interact with the sensor — a bite, a tug, a nudge with the nose — the dog’s handler receives a corresponding signal. For bomb-sniffing dogs, this could be “explosive device ahead.” A dog trained to sense cancer in human patients could trigger an alert for “pancreatic cancer.”


With the sensorial capacities of our favorite companion, and FIDO, the possibilities are endless: more efficient bomb sniffing, indicating the location of injured persons, detecting diseases....

But perhaps more immediately useful is FIDO’s ability to enable service dogs to better communicate with those living with disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments.

In a few years maybe, I will able to literally ask you to go out for a walk!

What do you think of these techs applied to us pets? Do we need them to get better, or are we already puurfect?

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