This is both a beautiful and a very sad story in one. Wendy Hamriding, who is 53 years old, came home drunk one night. Unfortunately she fainted while walking upstairs and then fell, landing at the bottom of the stairs.

Her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog was alerted by the noise and went to investigate. When he found his owner on the floor and not responding to him, he began to devour her face. This was out of sheer desperation to rescue her.

When Wendy was rushed to hospital, unfortunately she was seriously injured. It took about 100 surgeries for her to regain her sight. Her Ridgeback was euthanized while she was in hospital.

When she was healed she explained to the media that thanks to her dog, this terrible accident has helped her to get sober. She now helps people who struggle with alcoholism!

Source and Photo Credit: Eddenva

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    Maria W Such a great shame